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Welcome to Uncomfortable Youth Ministry! This blog is all about encouraging all of us to do youth ministry with excellence – whether we are a youth pastor, volunteer leader, parachurch worker, parent, or anyone else involved in the lives of teenagers. We can, and must, take our responsibility seriously. I hope to make us uncomfortable with the status quo, and that the “uncomfortability” will drive us to excellence.

There is one main area I’ll be talking about in this blog: theology. I’ll touch on other topics from time to time, but I truly think that understanding what we believe and why we believe it is crucial for those of us in youth ministry. I hope that you’ll see my heart for Jesus and for helping teenagers know him more. Thank you for your desire to see the same thing happen.

You can read more about who I am here. I am honored to be walking through this journey with you, not as some expert, looking down to impart my wisdom, but as a fellow servant. I recommend that you start with this blog post, to hear some of what drove me to start this blog.

Let’s continue growing together, serving our God with excellence. All honor and glory is his.

Alex Tufano