About Me

My name is Alex Tufano and I am a Christ-follower, husband to Kate, and father to Evelyn. I am blessed to serve as Youth Pastor at Heritage Bible Chapel in Princeton, MA, and have also taught as an adjunct professor at Nyack College and Capital Seminary.

I am a graduate of Nyack College (2013, BS in Youth and Family Studies) and Fuller Theological Seminary (2017, MA in Theology and Ministry, emphasis in Youth, Family, and Culture). It was during my studies that a desire grew in my heart to see youth ministry done with excellence. As I continue to serve in a local church and college, I also hope to encourage excellence in youth ministry through this blog.

If you want to connect on social media, you can find those links in the menu above. I’ll share more of my heart behind this blog in various posts, and more information about myself, but here are some fun facts for the road:

Favorite Book: Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park

Favorite Superhero: The Incredible Hulk

Favorite DessertCheesecake

I’m grateful that you are reading this and want to see youth ministry done better as well. Let’s walk through that journey together.