Which Way Do You Bent?

My goal this week was to write a post discussing theological bents, and why we should know where we lean and what they mean. In place of that, though, I simply want to offer a few questions and points for consideration:

  • When someone says they’re Reformed or Dispensational or Charismatic, do you know what they (might) mean by that?
  • Do you know how you would define your theological bent?
  • Keep in mind that the ways we label our theology are just that – labels. Our allegiance is to Jesus, not to the label we use.
  • Our various theological bents have strong points and weak points, and we must allow Scripture to determine our actual beliefs, not the statutes of our theological group.
  • We will have significant disagreements with people of different theological bents than us, and we must be Christlike in our interchanges.
  • Understanding the theological labels that exist will help youth workers to be seen in a positive light, and I hope would bring greater respect to our ministries.
  • Do you want the teenagers you work with to head off to college and into their adult lives with the best understanding of Biblical theology possible?

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